Private Sound Healing

Lisa uses tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, Paiste gongs, drums, crystal pyramid, and voice to apply sound directly on or over the body. Sound helps to heal on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is deeply relaxing and brings harmony to the body and mind. Each session begins with some dialogue and an evaluation of what you would like to focus on that day. You will then lay on a massage table, or floor is you are receiving a sound bath, and relax. You may see images, colors, pictures or have various sensations or emotions arise. Each session is different depending on your intention for that day and any questions you may be seeking answers to. The focus can be on almost anything.


PRIVATE Group Sound Meditation

In a Sound Meditation, you will receive a miniature version of a sound bath in Lisa's treatment room. While lying in a comfortable position, Lisa plays the sounds of planetary gongs and crystal bowls to re-tune your body, mind, and spirit. One or two gongs and a few special crystal bowls are used during this meditation session. The experience is highly relaxing and therapeutic for stress release and realignment within yourself. You may experience this sound meditation alone or with a friend. There is a three person minimum, and an 8 person maximum space limit.


Private Training | Gong: The Sound Healing Way

Learn how to play the gong (The Sound Healing Way) All levels, from beginning to more experienced players who seek to explore  the fundamentals of sound healing and apply them to there gong sessions.  Others subjects that can be discussed during this hour:

  • Sound Healing techniques

  • Introduction to Gongs

  • Health Benefits

  • Characteristics of different Gongs

  • Looking to buy a gong?

  • Opportunity to play Lisa's private collection

  • Techniques for Playing: The Sound Healing Way.

  • Different Types of Mallets do different things.

  • Flummies

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Voice Analysis with the VoiceBio System

Your voice is a holographic picture of your health. Through the technology of Voice Bio©™, the independent frequencies within your voice can be captured, translated and sorted onto a voice print chart, giving a highly accurate indication of physical function in your body. Missing frequencies in your voice have been shown to correlate to weak organs in the body. The missing frequencies are reintroduced into your system on the sound table. You then get the CD to take and use at home.

Good for any specific issues related to organs or diseases. Helpful for emotional issues as well. Good overall balancing of your system. We have many testimonials demonstrating these healing responses. The system does not claim to diagnose or cure.

Assessment and 20 minutes on the sound table with a song in the key of the frequency you need. I also send you MP3 of the CD. Approximately 1 hour total.




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Group Socials



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