Dave G

I have been working with your gong sounds all afternoon grin emoticon and they are fantastic. The spatial imaging is so dimensional that I am able to derive full surround sound audio from it and move each gong all around the listener for total immersion. I ran some advanced mathematical analysis on them and I must tell you that the waves you draw out of these gongs are truly phenomenal. I’ve been doing digital audio analysis on all sorts of exotic instruments for over 30 years, but I’ve never encountered such incredibly pure harmonic sororities as this from any other gong or bell or other similar instruments. I think that the cumulative energy you have put into them over the years has infused your meditative consciousness right into the metal.

Veronica B

GONG 101 WORKSHOP Globe 2016

thank you lisa! I thought I was full from lunch and would stop in for a nice nap with gong accompaniment! it was so much more than that and I really love your teaching style and the entire class participation in these amazing spirit guides we have for healing and happiness! a truly fun playground with you!

Sara P

Hi Lisa! Wanted to let you know that Jeremiah had some pretty interesting experiences last night. He loves it! He’s been having some shoulder pain and he felt some sensations during meditation in that area of his body. Also he experienced some really cool imagery during one of the particular sounds…sounded like a propeller of sorts? Anyway, we’ll be back!

Cheryl L

Hi Lisa! I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your gong presentation tonight! It was informative, fun, fantastic, and amazing! I’ve always loved the sound of gongs in music. However, now you have me wanting to learn to play them.

I thank you! And, nothing against you being a pilot. However, I’m glad you’re flying on the ground because I was able to learn from you this evening in a way that might not have occurred had you still been a pilot!

Kathy Eaton

An amazing night to bring in the New Year, surrounded by my “peeps”, Gong Mediation and Fire Celebration with Lisa Lipp, such a guiding force in mediation, I was able to reconnect with people that are not in my immediate circle, such a blessing…

Nimisha T

There’s been a shift in energy and it started with the soothing, changing gong bath with Lisa Lipp last night and I fully felt it as I awoke this morning. I’m excited to see what 2016 brings for me


It was a true honor to experience your talent and grace today with the magical healing vibrations of the Gong and crystal bowls. You’re a true master of your craft and feel blessed that I found you. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It blew me away beyond words. It’s official I’m a lifelong Gongster now. Blessings to you and all you heal through your work just incredible.


Debbie S

Feeling grounded, peaceful and lighter. Thank you, Sarah C. for taking me to Gong Meditation. Thank you, Denise S and many thanks to The Gongster, Lisa

Sarah C

I loved all of the different elements Lisa integrated. First time, in a long time I had a visualization and the first that I saw water!!!

Gives us a chance to do nothing. We’re part of an overworked, under-exercised, stressed, over-stimulated culture. Taking time to do nothing is a gift to our bodies and our minds. Just being away from our smart phones for an hour is hugely beneficial to our whole being.

An opportunity to visualize, dream and meditate: It’s so important that we take time to visualize the things we hope for in our lives. Resting can be a chance for us to visualize ourselves in a more healthy lifestyle or we might see ourselves crossing the finish line of a race we’re training for or a goal we’ve set for ourselves.

Sean H

Lisa is a true master at creating a healing experience through the magic of her gong sounds. Each of her events is unique and the effect is pure bliss. She is a gifted artist of the spirit and she shares her heart through the various sound vibrations that come through her amazing playing of the gongs!

Anthony P

Actually, she is a Gong Master. Incredibly, she can play these gongs and fill your mind and body with more sounds than you probably knew existed! If you meditate, or would like to try meditation, then meditating to the indescribable sounds of these instruments may be a great experience for you. One thing is for sure; if you hear the gongs, especially if you hear Lisa playing them, you will never forget what you have heard and experienced.

I am very impressed with this, and with her, and that is why I am posting this.

Chelsey P

Gotta say that last night’s gong was awesome! I have to assume alot was learned at the workshop. The subtlety and range was fantastic. I heard sounds I had never heard! Thanks Lisa and Lee Gong masters extraordinaire!

You asked the other day what I got from the gong meditation. When I hear the music of the gong, I hear songs of infinite light pulsing from the first moments of creation. Thanks for taking flight with your new wings and making room for others to experience the beauty & Love that you are.


The whole experience was surprisingly musical and melodic…I started to drift, propelled by the vibrational intensity…tingling me from head to toe. I felt like I was in space surrounded by sound; almost out of body. [I had a series of surreal dreams]. We felt high after the ceremony and completely relaxed.


The Gong Meditation was A-MA-ZING. Remember, how you said that it is mental detox? I think I got detoxed a little! First, I wrote an apology letter yesterday to my old friend (I kept it inside me for about 4 years) and she wrote me back, which made me extremely happy! Second, yesterday was a first day that my stomach did not hurt for several days. Thank you for an amazing experience!


I have to say that I am one of the most blessed people I know. It’s not that I have all that much, though, everything I need is within my grasp. There’s as many things that I do well, as I do not, do very well: so that seems like a wash. I do some really good deeds every once in a while but very often follow it up with a really big no good.


All in all I would have to say that I’m like that song, I believe it was Joe Walsh: your average guy. Though there is one thing about me that is just unbelievably good. I know that sounds really egotistical to say and as much as I would like to say it isn’t: it really is great and I want to admit it to everyone.

I have the greatest friends and teachers that anyone has ever had the good fortune of being with. They are to numerous to mention here but I love all of you and as One of my teachers has said: my teachers are my teachers and my friends are my teachers.
I have the greatest Buddhist teachers
I have the greatest Yoga teachers
I have the greatest life teachers

But if I may just single one out tonight please allow me this freedom. I don’t mean to take anything away from Anton, or John, or Geshe La or Desiree or Jenn or Todd or Gina or Gina or Gina (all separate Gina’s)or Lynn or Susan or Gene or Rita or Wendy but I want to just say that when the Goddess of Gong, Lisa speaks: I listen
Thank you, Lisa