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Sunday Afternoon Serenity Lake House


I will be there! An amazing opportunity to Gong and create sound healing for many!

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June 24-30: Follow the bread crumbs on the trail. Trust that they have been put there by a higher wisdom and that all you have to do is notice the first one and put one foot in front of the other and follow your nose. The false personality is very uncomfortable with this creative way of letting life unfold and wants to set forth a plan, a manual, a blueprint written in stone. It will try and convince you that you need to Know. It will also try and convince you that life really is hard and full of suffering. If you find this to be your reality, do some work to change it.

Ask spirit for help, work with gratitude as a higher vibration and don’t give into the voice of ego. Look to your heart as the compass of your reality and listen to the voice of your essence instead. Ask for signs to keep you on your path and check in frequently with what is real to you as opposed to what you have been told should be. Misery loves company and there will always be people who are suffering for a variety of reasons, some of the karmic. But that does not have to be your reality at all. Even with what you witness out there in the greater world, you always need to ask yourself, “What is my reality right now, right here? How do I feel?”


The main theme for June is REALITY CHECK!

It is a month of paying attention to the signs, of acceptance of what is and what is showing up, of choosing your own reality vs the reality of others, and of allowing your intentions to align with right timing. Emotional clarity confirms your right reality and synchronicity and ease of action confirms you are on the right track.

We take a break this month from instability, chaos and change, and have a chance to take a breath and confirm what is right for us at this time in our lives. And with that, we have an opportunity to anchor good practices for paying attention to signs and working with our allies. Many of you may feel inspired to look ahead and to imagine an expanded next step for your life.

It is truly a time to be nurtured into the full bloom by allowing the signs of your reality check to guide you. Especially in the first few days of this month, if your path includes elements that are not “right”, you may experience a swift break down or dissolving of those elements. Take this as a gift from spirit and trust in the intelligence of your higher-self whose purpose is to keep you on the right track of your own intentions.

On the other hand, what is “right” will manifest in synchronicity and ease of action and you will experience a great flow of alignment. It is time to learn the lesson that growth does need to include suffering and to be grateful instead of suspicious when life seems “too easy”.

This is the “reality check”. What do you feel? Is it yours? Is it right? Is it unfolding with ease? What is showing up? What are the signs?

If there are issues needing your attention, they will make themselves known. Pay attention. If the universe is handing you a new opportunity, pay attention. Take advantage, stay present, accept what is and allow yourself to have, to release, to change.

Reality Check also includes separating delusions and ideals from what is real. This is tricky as we need to find a good balance between dreaming our future and staying grounded in present physical reality. We are encouraged to keep a good pulse on both, being careful not to get stuck in the cynicism of what we perceive to be trapped in, or too far into dreamland with the danger of becoming irresponsible and ungrounded.

Being able to discern between a reality congruent with your own emotional truth and other imposing reality that is non-congruent is essential. There may be disappointment, judgment, confusion, a sense of betrayal and even fear when you separate yourself from a reality that no longer fits, but that is the consequence. Good boundaries, courage, and not taking other people’s reactions personally is required if you are to navigate this successfully.

This is a beautiful month with amazing gifts. Allow yourself to receive, to grow, to change, to love, to accept, to be loved, to create, to complete, to begin, to bloom, and to live!

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