Optimal Health for Busy Lives

Gongster channels Vibration and Frequency from multidimensional realms.

She uses 5 Gongs. These sounds create messages for healing & Love with creates remembrance of our oneness. "Relax, Reset, Feel, Be, and Belong" It is about sound healing, and creating a theta healing through binaural beats, getting out of the way, so we reset/heal our bodies, mentally, physically, spiritually.

Gongster currently getting her Degree in Sound Healing at Globe in SF.

I offer group gong meditation and private sessions, or group events!

Immerse yourself in the Sacred Journey of Vibrational Healing. The Mixture of Sound, and frequency will Cleanse, Uplift & Restore your Inner harmony to RE create PEACE with IN your BEing. Each participant will Reach a Higher state of Calm, Deep Relaxation and Complete Serenity when surrounded by the harmonic tones of the pure vibrations. Once emerged into the natural rhythm, a higher state of Truth, Purification and Restoration occurs.