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Gongster channels Vibration and Frequency from multidimensional realms.

She uses many Gongs. These sounds create messages for healing & Love which creates a remembrance of our oneness. "Relax, Reset, Feel, Be, and Belong" It is about sound healing, and creating a theta healing through binaural beats, getting out of the way, so we reset/heal our bodies, mentally, physically, spiritually.

Gongster has her Degree at the Globe Institute in San Francisco. 

She offers group gong meditation and private sessions, and  group events! (weddings, funerals, birthday surprises)

Book an appointment with her for Voice Bio, and the Sound Table 

Immerse yourself in the Sacred Journey of Vibrational Healing. The Mixture of Sound, and frequency will Cleanse, Uplift and Heal; Restore your Inner harmony to RE create PEACE with-IN your BEing. Each participant will Reach a Higher state of Calm, Deep Relaxation and Complete Serenity when surrounded by the harmonic tones of the pure vibrations. Once emerged into the natural rhythm, a higher state of Truth, Purification and Restoration occurs.

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